Enjoy being in tune with your Self – Kundalini Yoga workshop, 23 Januari

3-hour Kundalini Yoga workshop with Karta Purkh Kaur from Germany.

The new year has just started and this  evening-class  will give you a moment of pausing and getting in tune with your inner soultalk. Being in tune with your fine and inner voice deepens your experience of being a soul on the journey in this world wanting to increase awareness.

What we are doing
We have a nice and cosy place to meet. We will do Yoga, have a little teaching, enjoy Mantra with the Harmonium and do some Meditation. In the end there will be some tea and talktime. Karta Purkh Kaur than can also answer questions about the new Kundalini  Teachers Tarining which will start in April 2019 in Amsterdam.

„Make yourself so happy so that others look at you and become happy themselves too.“
Yogi Bhajan

About Karta purkh Kaur
Karta purkh Kaur has met Kundalini Yoga 25 years ago which gave her mind and  soul a home.She enjoys this lifejourney a a. Her way of teaching is energetic, humorous and she enjoys talking in pictures. She loves to share the pearls which she feels move her Self the most at that moment.

23rd of January 2019  19:00h – 22:30h
Costs: € 18,-
HOF20, begijnhof 20, 2011 HE Haarlem
Contact:, 06-471 66 376
Language: English